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BINEX, for "BINary EXchange", is an operational binary format standard for GNSS research and operational purposes. The format has been designed to grow and allow encapsulation of any data or metadata allowed in the common ASCII exchange formats such as RINEX, IONEX, SP3, SINEX, and so on, including GNSS-related data and metadata as encountered.

For a detailed information on BINEX specifications, refer to UNAVCO’s Web site at

KernelSAT services support decoding and visualization of BINEX data.

Record Sub-Record Message Description
0100Coded (raw bytes) GNSS ephemeris
0101GPS ephemeris
0102GLONASS ephemeris
0103SBAS ephemeris
0104Galileo ephemeris
0105BeiDou ephemeris
0106QZSS ephemeris
0107IRNSS ephemeris
0114Upgraded decoded Galileo ephemeris
0141Raw GPS navigation subframe
0142Raw GLONASS navigation string
0143Raw SBAS navigation block
0144Raw Galileo navigation page
0145Raw BeiDou navigation subframe
0146Raw QZSS navigation subframe
0147Raw IRNSS navigation subframe
7D00Receiver internal state variables, e.g. internal temperature, power, and so
7E00Decoded ancillary data
7E01Raw ASCII string from ancillary device
7F00GNSS Observables
7F01GNSS Observables
7F02GNSS Observables
7F03GNSS Observables
7F04GNSS Observables
7F05GNSS Observables

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