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Septentrio SBF

SBF is the binary output format of Septentrio receivers. Full list of SBF messages is presented below (based on professional grade module MOSAIC-X5). KernelSAT services support decoding and visualization of raw SBF data.

Block name Block ID Block Description
Measurement Blocks
MeasEpoch4027Measurement set of one epoch
MeasExtra4000Additional info such as observable variance
Meas3Ranges4109Code, phaseand CN0 measurements
Meas3CN0HiRes4110Extension of Meas3Ranges containing fractional C / N0 values
Meas3Doppler4111Extension of Meas3Ranges containing Doppler values
Meas3PP4112Extension of Meas3Ranges containing proprietary flags for data post - processing.
Meas3MP4113Extension of Meas3Ranges containing multipath corrections applied by the receiver
EndOfMeas5922Measurement epoch marker
Navigation Page Blocks
GPSRawCA4017GPS CA navigation subframe
GPSRawL2C4018GPS L2C navigation frame
GPSRawL54019GPS L5 navigation frame
GLORawCA4026GLONASS CA navigation string
GALRawFNAV4022Galileo F / NAV navigation page
GALRawINAV4023Galileo I / NAV navigation page
GALRawCNAV4024Galileo C / NAV navigation page
GEORawL14020SBAS L1 navigation message
GEORawL54021SBAS L5 navigation message
BDSRaw4047BeiDou navigation page
BDSRawB1C4218BeiDou B1C navigation frame
BDSRawB2a4219BeiDou B2a navigation frame
QZSRawL1CA4066QZSS L1 CA navigation frame
QZSRawL2C4067QZSS L2C navigation frame
QZSRawL54068QZSS L5 navigation frame
NAVICRaw4093NavIC / IRNSS subframe
GPS Decoded Message Blocks
GPSNav5891GPS ephemeris and clock
GPSAlm5892Almanac data for a GPS satellite
GPSIon5893Ionosphere data from the GPS subframe
GPSUtc5894GPS - UTC data from GPS subframe
GLONASS Decoded Message BlocksSECTION
GLONav4004GLONASS ephemeris and clock
GLOAlm4005Almanac data for a GLONASS satellite
GLOTime4036GLO - UTC, GLO - GPS and GLO - UT1 data
Galileo Decoded Message Blocks
GALNav4002Galileo ephemeris, clock, healthand BGD
GALAlm4003Almanac data for a Galileo satellite
GALIon4030NeQuick Ionosphere model parameters
GALUtc4031GST - UTC data
GALGstGps4032GST - GPS data
GALSARRLM4034Search - and -rescue return link message
BeiDou Decoded Message Blocks
BDSNav4081BeiDou ephemeris and clock
BDSAlm4119Almanac data for a BeiDou satellite
BDSIon4120BeiDou Ionospheric delay model parameters
BDSUtc4121BDT - UTC data
QZSS Decoded Message Blocks
QZSNav4095QZSS ephemeris and clock
QZSAlm4116Almanac data for a QZSS satellite
SBAS L1 Decoded Message Blocks
GEOMT005925MT00 : SBAS Don’t use for safety applications
GEOPRNMask5926MT01 : PRN Mask assignments
GEOFastCorr5927MT02 - 05 / 24 : Fast Corrections
GEOIntegrity5928MT06 : Integrity information
GEOFastCorrDegr5929MT07 : Fast correction degradation factors
GEONav5896MT09 : SBAS navigation message
GEODegrFactors5930MT10 : Degradation factors
GEONetworkTime5918MT12 : SBAS Network Time / UTC offset parameters
GEOAlm5897MT17 : SBAS satellite almanac
GEOIGPMask5931MT18 : Ionospheric grid point mask
GEOLongTermCorr5932MT24 / 25 : Long term satellite error corrections
GEOIonoDelay5933MT26 : Ionospheric delay corrections
GEOServiceLevel5917MT27 : SBAS Service Message
GEOClockEphCovMatrix5934MT28 : Clock - Ephemeris Covariance Matrix
GNSS Position, Velocity and Time Blocks
PVTCartesian4006GNSS position, velocity, and time in Cartesian coordinates
PVTGeodetic4007GNSS position, velocity, and time in geodetic coordinates
PosCovCartesian5905Position covariance matrix(X, Y, Z)
PosCovGeodetic5906Position covariance matrix(Lat, Lon, Alt)
VelCovCartesian5907Velocity covariance matrix(X, Y, Z)
VelCovGeodetic5908Velocity covariance matrix(North, East, Up)
DOP4001Dilution of precision
PosCart4044Position, varianceand baseline in Cartesian coordinates
PosLocal4052Position in a local datum
PosProjected4094Plane grid coordinates
BaseVectorCart4043XYZ relative position and velocity with respect to base(s)
BaseVectorGeod4028ENU relative position and velocity with respect to base(s)
PVTSupport4076Internal parameters for maintenanceand support
PVTSupportA4079Internal parameters for maintenanceand support
EndOfPVT5921PVT epoch marker
GNSS Attitude Blocks
AttEuler5938GNSS attitude expressed as Euler angles
AttCovEuler5939Covariance matrix of attitude
EndOfAtt5943GNSS attitude epoch marker
Receiver Time Blocks
ReceiverTime5914Current receiver and UTC time
xPPSOffset5911Offset of the xPPS pulse with respect to GNSS time
External Event Blocks
ExtEvent5924Time at the instant of an external event
ExtEventPVTCartesian4037Cartesian position at the instant of an event
ExtEventPVTGeodetic4038Geodetic position at the instant of an event
ExtEventBaseVectGeod4217ENU relative position with respect to base(s) at the instant of an event
ExtEventAttEuler4237GNSS attitude expressed as Euler angles at the instant of an event
Differential Correction Blocks
DiffCorrIn5919Incoming RTCM or CMR message
BaseStation5949Base station coordinates
RTCMDatum4049Datum information from the RTK service provider
L - Band Demodulator Blocks
LBandTrackerStatus4201Status of the L - band signal tracking
LBandBeams4204L - band satellite / beam information
Status Blocks
ChannelStatus4013Status of the tracking for all receiver channels
ReceiverStatus4014Overall status information of the receiver
SatVisibility4012Azimuth / elevation of visible satellites
InputLink4090Statistics on input streams
OutputLink4091Statistics on output streams
NTRIPClientStatus4053NTRIP client connection status
NTRIPServerStatus4122NTRIP server connection status
IPStatus4058IP address, gatewayand MAC address of Ethernet interface
DynDNSStatus4105DynDNS status
QualityInd4082Quality indicators
DiskStatus4059Internal logging status
RFStatus4092Radio - frequency interference mitigation status
P2PPStatus4238P2PP client / server status
CosmosStatus4243Cosmos receiver service status
Miscellaneous Blocks
ReceiverSetup5902General information about the receiver installation
RxMessage4103Receiver message
Commands4015Commands entered by the user
Comment5936Comment entered by the user
BBSamples4040Baseband samples
ASCIIIn4075ASCII input from external sensor
EncapsulatedOutput4097SBF encapsulation of non - SBF messages
PinPoint - GIS RX
GISAction4106PinPoint - GIS RX Action
GISStatus4107Status of the different PinPoint - GIS collection databases

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