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U-BLOX GNSS receivers uses proprietary UBX binary protocol. Full list of UBX messages is presented below (based on professional grade RTK UBLOX module F9P). KernelSAT services support decoding and visualization of UBX data.

Class Message ID Class Message ID Message Description
ACKACK0x050x01Message acknowledged
ACKNAK0x050x00Message not acknowledged
AIDALM0x0B0x30GPS aiding almanac data
AIDAOP0x0B0x33AssistNow Autonomous data
AIDEPH0x0B0x31GPS aiding ephemeris data
AIDHUI0x0B0x02GPS health, UTC, ionosphere
AIDINI0x0B0x01GPS initial aiding data
CFGANT0x060x13Antenna control settings
CFGBATCH0x060x93Data batching configuration
CFGCFG0x060x09Clear, saveand load configurations
CFGDAT0x060x06User - defined datum
CFGDGNSS0x060x70DGNSS configuration
CFGDOSC0x060x61Disciplined oscillator configuration
CFGESFALG0x060x56IMU-mount misalignment
CFGESFA0x060x4CAccelerometer (A) sensor
CFGESFG0x060x4DGyroscope (G) sensor
CFGESFWT0x060x82wheel-tick configuration
CFGESRC0x060x60External synchronization source
CFGGEOFENCE0x060x69Geofencing configuration
CFGGNSS0x060x3eGNSS system configuration
CFGHNR0x060x5CHigh navigation rate settings
CFGINF0x060x02Configuration for one protocol
CFGITFM0x060x39Jamming / interference monitor configuration
CFGLOGFILTER0x060x47Data logger configuration
CFGMSG0x060x01Message configuration
CFGNAV50x060x24Navigation engine settings
CFGNAVX50x060x23Navigation engine expert settings
CFGNMEA0x060x17Extended NMEA protocol configuration V1
CFGODO0x060x1eOdometer, low - speed COG engine settings
CFGPM20x060x3BExtended power management
CFGPMS0x060x86Power mode setup
CFGPRT0x060x00Polls the configuration for one I / O port
CFGPWR0x060x57Put receiver in a defined power state (Set)
CFGRATE0x060x08Navigation / measurement rate settings (Get / set)
CFGRINV0x060x34Contents of remote inventory (Get / set)
CFGRST0x060x04Reset receiver / Clear backup data structures (Command)
CFGRXM0x060x11RXM configuration
CFGSBAS0x060x16SBAS configuration (Get / set)
CFGSENIF0x060x88I2C sensor interface configuration
CFGSLAS0x060x8DSLAS configuration
CFGSMGR0x060x62Synchronization manager configuration
CFGSPT0x060x64Configure and start a sensor
CFGTMODE20x060x3DTime mode settings 2
CFGTMODE30x060x71Time mode settings 3 (Get / set)
CFGTP50x060x31Time pulse parameters(Get / set)
CFGTXSLOT0x060x53Set TX buffer time slots configuration
CFGUSB0x060x1bUSB configuration (Get / set)
CFGVALDEL0x060x8cDelete configuration item values (Set)
CFGVALGET0x060x8b–°onfiguration items (Poll request)
CFGVALSET0x060x8a–°onfiguration item values (Set)
ESFALG0x100x14IMU alignment information
ESFINS0x100x15Vehicle dynamics information
ESFMEAS0x100x02External sensor fusion measurements
ESFRAW0x100x03Raw sensor measurements
ESFSTATUS0x100x10External sensor fusion status
HNRATT0x280x01Attitude solution
HNRINS0x280x02Vehicle dynamics information
HNRPVT0x280x00High rate output of PVT solution
INFDEBUG0x040x04ASCII output with debug contents (Output)
INFERROR0x040x00ASCII output with error contents (Output)
INFNOTICE0x040x02ASCII output with informational contents (Output)
INFTEST0x040x03ASCII output with test contents (Output)
INFWARNING0x040x01ASCII output with warning contents (Output)
LOGBATCH0x210x11Polled Batched data
LOGCREATE0x210x07Create log file (Command)
LOGERASE0x210x03Erase logged data (Command)
LOGFINDTIME0x210x0eFind index of a log entry based on a given time (Input)
LOGINFO0x210x08Log information (Poll request)
LOGRETRIEVE0x210x09Request log data (Command)
LOGRETRIEVEPOS0x210x0bPosition fix log entry (Output)
LOGRETRIEVEPOSEXTRA0x210x0fOdometer log entry (Output)
LOGRETRIEVESTRING0x210x0dByte string log entry (Output)
LOGSTRING0x210x04Store arbitrary string in on - board flash (Command)
MGAACK-DATA00x130x60Multiple GNSS acknowledge message
MGAANO0x130x20Multiple GNSS AssistNow Offline
MGABDS-EPH0x130x03BeiDou ephemeris assistance
MGABDS-ALM0x130x03BeiDou almanac assistance
MGABDS-HEALTH0x130x03BeiDou health assistance
MGABDS-UTC0x130x03BeiDou UTC assistance
MGABDS-IONO0x130x03BeiDou ionosphere assistance
MGADBD0x130x80Poll the navigation database
MGADBD0x130x80Navigation database dump entry
MGAFLASH-DATA0x130x21Transfer MGA-ANO data block to flash
MGAFLASH-STOP0x130x21Finish flashing MGA-ANO data
MGAFLASH-ACK0x130x21Acknowledge last FLASH-DATA or -STOP
MGAGAL-EPH0x130x02Galileo ephemeris assistance
MGAGAL-ALM0x130x02Galileo almanac assistance
MGAGAL-TIMEOFFSET0x130x02Galileo GPS time offset assistance
MGAGAL-UTC0x130x02Galileo UTC assistance
MGAGLO-EPH0x130x06GLONASS ephemeris assistance
MGAGLO-ALM0x130x06GLONASS almanac assistance
MGAGLO-TIMEOFFSET0x130x06GLONASS auxiliary time offset assistance
MGAGPS-EPH0x130x00GPS ephemeris assistance
MGAGPS-ALM0x130x00GPS almanac assistance
MGAGPS-HEALTH0x130x00GPS health assistance
MGAGPS-UTC0x130x00GPS UTC assistance
MGAGPS-IONO0x130x00GPS ionosphere assistance
MGAINI-POS_XYZ0x130x40Initial position assistance
MGAINI-POS_LLH0x130x40Initial position assistance
MGAINI-TIME_UTC0x130x40Initial time assistance
MGAINI-TIME_GNSS0x130x40Initial time assistance
MGAINI-CLKD0x130x40Initial clock drift assistance
MGAINI-FREQ0x130x40Initial frequency assistance
MGAINI-EOP0x130x40Earth orientation parameters assistance
MGAQZSS-EPH0x130x05QZSS ephemeris assistance
MGAQZSS-ALM0x130x05QZSS almanac assistance
MGAQZSS-HEALTH0x130x05QZSS health assistance
MONCOMMS0x0a0x36Communication port information (Periodic / polled)
MONBATCH0x0a0x32Data batching buffer status
MONGNSS0x0a0x28Information message major GNSS selection (Polled)
MONHW0x0a0x09Hardware status (Periodic / polled)
MONHW20x0a0x0bExtended hardware status (Periodic / polled)
MONHW30x0a0x37I / O pin status (Periodic / polled)
MONIO0x0a0x02I / O system status (Periodic / polled)
MONMSGPP0x0a0x06Message parse and process status (Periodic / polled)
MONPATCH0x0a0x27Installed patches (Polled)
MONRF0x0a0x38RF information (Periodic / polled)
MONRXBUF0x0a0x07Receiver buffer status (Periodic / polled)
MONRXR0x0a0x21Receiver status information (Output)
MONSMGR0x0a0x2ESynchronization manager status
MONSPT0x0a0x2FSensor production test
MONSPAN0x0a0x31Signal characteristics (Periodic / polled)
MONSYS0x0a0x39Current system performance information (Periodic / polled)
MONTXBUF0x0a0x08Transmitter buffer status (Periodic / polled)
MONVER0x0a0x04Receiver and software version (Polled)
NAVAOPSTATUS0x010x60AssistNow Autonomous status
NAVATT0x010x05Attitude solution
NAVCLOCK0x010x22Clock solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVCOV0x010x36Covariance matrices (Periodic / polled)
NAVDGPS0x010x31DGPS data used for NAV
NAVDOP0x010x04Dilution of precision (Periodic / polled)
NAVEELL0x010x3d Periodic/Polled Position error ellipse parameters
NAVEOE0x010x61End of epoch (Periodic)
NAVGEOFENCE0x010x39Geofencing status (Periodic / polled)
NAVHPPOSECEF0x010x13High precision position solution in ECEF (Periodic / polled)
NAVHPPOSLLH0x010x14High precision geodetic position solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVNMI0x010x28Periodic/Polled Navigation message cross-check
NAVODO0x010x09Odometer solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVORB0x010x34GNSS orbit database info (Periodic / polled)
NAVPL0x010x62Protection level information (Periodic)
NAVPOSECEF0x010x01Position solution in ECEF (Periodic / polled)
NAVPOSLLH0x010x02Geodetic position solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVPVT0x010x07Navigation position velocity time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVRELPOSNED0x010x3cRelative positioning information in NED frame (Periodic / polled)
NAVRESETODO0x010x10Reset odometer (Command)
NAVSAT0x010x35Satellite information (Periodic / polled)
NAVSBAS0x010x32SBAS status data (Periodic / polled)
NAVSIG0x010x43Signal information (Periodic / polled)
NAVSLAS0x010x42QZSS L1S SLAS status data (Periodic / polled)
NAVSOL0x010x06Navigation solution information
NAVSTATUS0x010x03Receiver navigation status (Periodic / polled)
NAVSVINFO0x010x30Space vehicle information
NAVSVIN0x010x3bSurvey - in data (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMEBDS0x010x24BeiDou time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMEGAL0x010x25Galileo time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMEGLO0x010x23GLONASS time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMEGPS0x010x20GPS time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMELS0x010x26Leap second event information (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMEQZSS0x010x27QZSS time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVTIMEUTC0x010x21UTC time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAVVELECEF0x010x11Velocity solution in ECEF (Periodic / polled)
NAVVELNED0x010x12Velocity solution in NED frame (Periodic / polled)
NAV2CLOCK0x290x22Clock solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2COV0x290x36Covariance matrices (Periodic / polled)
NAV2DOP0x290x04Dilution of precision (Periodic / polled)
NAV2EOE0x290x61End of epoch (Periodic)
NAV2ODO0x290x09Odometer solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2POSECEF0x290x01Position solution in ECEF (Periodic / polled)
NAV2POSLLH0x290x02Geodetic position solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2PVT0x290x07Navigation position velocity time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2SAT0x290x35Satellite information (Periodic / polled)
NAV2SBAS0x290x32SBAS status data (Periodic / polled)
NAV2SIG0x290x43Signal information (Periodic / polled)
NAV2SLAS0x290x42QZSS L1S SLAS status data (Periodic / polled)
NAV2STATUS0x290x03Receiver navigation status (Periodic / polled)
NAV2SVIN0x290x3bSurvey - in data (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMEBDS0x290x24BeiDou time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMEGAL0x290x25Galileo time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMEGLO0x290x23GLONASS time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMEGPS0x290x20GPS time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMELS0x290x26Leap second event information (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMEQZSS0x290x27QZSS time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2TIMEUTC0x290x21UTC time solution (Periodic / polled)
NAV2VELECEF0x290x11Velocity solution in ECEF (Periodic / polled)
NAV2VELNED0x290x12Velocity solution in NED frame (Periodic / polled)
RXMIMES0x020x61Indoor Messaging System information
RXMCOR0x020x34Differential correction input status (Output)
RXMMEASX0x020x14Satellite measurements for RRLP (Periodic / polled)
RXMPMP0x020x72PMP(LBAND) message (Input)
RXMPMREQ0x020x41Power management request (Command)
RXMQZSSL60x020x73QZSS L6 message (Input)
RXMRAWX0x020x15Multi - GNSS raw measurements (Periodic / polled)
RXMRLM0x020x59Galileo SAR RLM report (Output)
RXMRTCM0x020x32RTCM input status (Output)
RXMSFRBX0x020x13Broadcast navigation data subframe (Output)
RXMSPARTN0x020x33SPARTN input status (Output)
RXMSPARTNKEY0x020x36Poll installed keys, Transfer dynamic SPARTN keys
RXMSVSI0x020x20SV status info
SECUNIQID0x270x03Unique chip ID (Output)
TIMDOSC0x0D0x11Disciplined oscillator control
TIMFCHG0x0D0x16Oscillator frequency changed notification
TIMHOC0x0D0x17Host oscillator control
TIMSMEAS0x0D0x13Source measurement
TIMSVIN0x0D0x04Survey-in data
TIMTM20x0d0x03Time mark data (Periodic / polled)
TIMTOS0x0D0x12Time pulse time and frequency data
TIMTP0x0d0x01Time pulse time data (Periodic / polled)
TIMVRFY0x0d0x06Sourced time verification (Periodic / polled)
TIMVCOCAL0x0D0x15VCO calibration

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