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WAY Data Upload


FILE: file w/ GNSS data to be processed. The service doesn't care about file extensions (could be any). Concrete protocol (RTCM3, NMEA, RINEX etc) is detected automatically (decoder AUTO) or according to manually selected type of decoder.

DECODER: Type of decoder to be used.

AUTO - WAY detects the data format on its own (the first found format from the file beginning). If the file contains data of multiple types (for instance, mix of UBLOX UBX and NMEA) and one is interested in concrete format - it makes sense to specify if forcibly.

SCAN - WAY finds all supported types of formats available in uploaded file. Once completed, WAY provides compact information about detected formats and messages statistic. Useful when a file may contain mix of data in different formats and there is no idea which. Having information about available data formats, one may reprocess the file by concrete decoder to get full information about GNSS data.

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