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Who Are You, Mr. GNSS file? What you hide inside under binary nature? Are you RTCM3 corrections stream or may be NMEA GGA in text form? Or even may be mix of both? What messages are inside? How many messages are corrupted (bad CRC)? Is there GLONASS corrections? Is there base station position?

All of these questions as well as many similar others raise every day for each who is facing with GNSS. And many of these questions may be answered with help of WAY KernelSAT service. It is time to took GNSS data mystery masks off!

The WAY utility automatically detects known / supported formats and protocols (see list below) in uploaded file and gives statistic about detected messages and compact information about most important data parameters (like tracked GNSS / SVs / Signals, base position coordinates, base station ID, receiver and antenna type etc).

WAY Key Features

  • Quick GNSS file analysis
  • Messages statistic (ID, types)
  • % of good / bad CRC
  • Average position on map
  • GNSS measurements statistic (GNSS, Satelites, Signals, max / mean SNR etc)
  • RTCM3 messages advanced analysis
  • RTK trouble-shooting


WAY service was tested on latest available Google Chrome web-browser only. Thus we recommend to use this browser.

Supported GNSS Formats

WAY service can recognize and decode the following GNSS formats and protocols (at least provide statistic about detected messages):

Guidelines of how to use

Below you may find several articles describing how to decode GNSS data with help of WAY service:

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