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PENTAP PPP Post-Processing


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Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Only RINEX (RINEX2, RINEX3, RINEX4, Compact RINEX) observables are supported
  • Consider using RTools service for converting UBLOX UBX logs to RINEX
  • Rover data file could be both static and/or kinematic
  • It is recommended to provide at least 60 minutes of observations
  • At least 30 min of static is required before kinematic part begins
  • Data file must contain at least dual frequency pseudorange and carrier phase observations
  • The best accuracy is achieved if FINAL orbits & clocks (SP3 + CLK) product is used. It is available w/ delay about 1 week
  • Somehow fine accuracy may be get w/ RAPID orbits & clocks product (dalay about 1 day)
  • The worst case from point of accuracy is ULTRA-RAPID product available w/ delay of few hours
  • Running PENTAP post-processing w/ data collected 'today' may lead to accuracy degradation or even unability to compute positions if ULTRA-RAPID product is not yet available
  • Data collected 'today' better to be processed 'tomorrow' when at least RAPID orbits & clocks are available

Precise orbits & clocks (SP3) When it is available (delay) PENTAP accuracy
FINAL 1 week The best possible
RAPID 1 day Acceptable
ULTRA-RAPID 3 hours The worst

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