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PENTAP stands for penta (x5) 'P'. In turn it means Precise Point Positioning Post-Processing. The service is aimed to provide PPP positions (both static and kinematic) using rover observations (raw measurements). Instead of classic differential base-rover processing, PENTAP uses precise global satellites orbits and clocks corrections in SP3 format.

PENTAP may be useful when one needs to estimate rover or local base receiver positions with accuracy down to sub-decimeter but no permanent base station (CORS or RTK NTRIP) is available nearby.

PENTAP Key Features

  • PPP post-processing of both static and kinematic rover
  • SP3 precise orbits and clocks downloaded automatically from most suitable processing center
  • Static accuracy - down to few cm horizontal RMS
  • Convergence time to 10 cm horizontal - 25-30 min (depends on rover antenna and environment)
  • Results are provided in NMEA GGA or text CSV form

Supported GNSS Formats

PENTAP service may process rover data of the following GNSS formats:

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