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TOPAZ is GNSS data PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) service. TOPAZ PPK engine process base and rover data in parallel threads with different settings including forward and backward data processing as well as different ambiguity resolutions techniques. Сombination of multiple runs guaranties more accurate solutions with extended FIX availability.

TOPAZ Key Features

  • PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) of both static and kinematic rover
  • NMEA,GGA and text CSV output including baseline components
  • Ephemeris (broadcast or precise SP3) are downloaded automatically
  • LONG+ feature - advanced processing of long baselines (w/ precise orbits)

Guidelines of how to use

Below you may find articles describing how to do GNSS data post-processing with help of TOPAZ service:

Supported GNSS Formats

TOPAZ service may use rover and base data of the following GNSS formats and protocols:

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