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Celestian is KernelSAT online service for GNSS data viewing, plotting and visualization. Advanced raw data analysis including measurements combinations, multipath MP1/MP2 etc. It allows to examine and view in detail every field of GNSS messages on interactive real-time plots.

Quite often, when one works with GNSS data and GNSS files, he/she needs to get idea of what number of satellites are tracked or how Code-Phase liner combination looks over time, how it varies from satellite raise and set, how concrete obstacle over rover's path affected measurements etc.

The Celestian service allows to upload several GNSS files of different formats (NMEA, RINEX, BINEX, RTCM3 etc) and view positioning and raw measurements. One may zoom in / zoom out, navigate over time. Several time-synchronized plots may be displayed simultaneously.

The service is available for authorized users only in BETA-test mode.

Celestian Key Features

  • GNSS data viewer
  • Supports a lot of formats and protocols
  • Allows to view both positions and raw measurements
  • Advanced raw measurements analysis (multipath MP1/MP2, cycle slips etc)
  • Base station measurements quality analysis
  • Several time synchronized plots
  • Up to 6 x files simultaneously
  • Automatically computes SVs orbits using broadcast ephemeris and/or precise SP3


Celestian service was tested on latest available Google Chrome web-browser only. Thus we recommend to use this browser. Dynamic GNSS data plots are "hungry" for RAM memory and CPU resources. Multi-core CPU 2.4 Hz (and above), at least 8 GB RAM, 64-bit OS and fast stable Internet link are the key to effective and comfortable operation w/ Celestian.

Supported GNSS Formats

Celestian service can decode and visualize the following GNSS formats and protocols:

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